2018-2019 Staff

Melissa Denova Wences

Melissa Denova is a junior at Weiss High School. This if her first year in newspaper class. She enjoys time with friends and trying new stuff. She is very outgoing once you meet her.

William Sevilla-Ramirez

He is a sophomore here at Weiss and enjoys spending his time hanging out with his friends. and contributing to the school newspaper

Alexia Perez

Alexia is a sophomore, she is quiet but friendly once you really meet her. She enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and writing.

Kevin Sanabria

Kevin Granados is a sophomore at Weiss High School and part of the debate team. Kevin enjoys hanging out with friends outside of school and drawing.

Kira Diep

  Kira Diep is a sophomore at Weiss High School this year and an editor for the school newspaper, The Wolf Street Journal! She is a very kind and calm girl who enjoys taking photos and being with her friends. If she’s no...

Angel Zavala

Angel Zavala is a sophomore at Weiss High School this year. He is a car enthusiast who also enjoys listening to music, playing 'Rainbow 6 Siege' on Xbox One, and doing nothing.

Sophia Aleman

Sophia Aleman is a junior at Weiss High School this year. Who adores Selena Gomez and idolizes her with a huge passion. She enjoys going out in nature and despite the consistent phone stereotype, she goes against this(and actually...

Priscilla Le

Priscilla is a sophomore at Weiss High School. She was born in Arlington, Texas and moved here in 2014, just before her first year of middle school. Since then, she was in a varsity choir for four years, art for three years, and...

Leonardo Castillo

Leonardo Castillo is a sophomore at Weiss High School this year. His hobbies are skating, drawing, playing guitar and bass, singing, and photography. He would like to be a professional musician, skater, or photographer when he...

Andres Mauries

Andres Mauries is a Sophmore at Weiss Highschool and is a proud member of the newspaper here at Weiss, he hopes to contribute as much as he can to the newspaper. He also involved in the Weiss theater department and enjoys doing...

Alexandra Garza

Alexandra Garza, Alex for short, is a junior at Weiss High School this year. She thinks of herself as a shy but kind person but has no problem if someone else starts the conversation. She likes to draw and listen to music. Sh...

Leslie Mondragon

Leslie Mondragon is a junior at Weiss High School this year. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family or taking care of herself. Not to mention she is a food enthusiast with a good music taste. One of the...