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College Fair

October 10, 2019

September 24th was actually a pretty eventful day, because there was a college fair here at Weiss High School. Many representatives had come, ranges from the University of Texas to even the Navy. It was a busy yet informa...

The Underrated Importance Of The ASVAB Test

September 26, 2019

During the announcement, the ASVAB test been mentioned many times and it is actually gonna come up on October 2nd. But unfortunately the announcement doesn't go into more detail about it, which led to not a lot signing up for...

College Applications

September 12, 2019

Starting this school year, students are expected to have applied for college in order to graduate from high school. For freshman and sophomore, it is really not their time to worry about it. But for junior and senior, the clock is ticking.  Do student...

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