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Announcements 11/13/19

November 13, 2019

Happy Wednesday Wolves! Lets work to keep Power Hour! Today' weather is a low of 37, and a high of 43. Students:  Power Hour will return today for ONE DAY ONLY!  IF the majority of students are using their time wisely and I...

Announcements 11/11/19

November 11, 2019

 Another great day! Happy Veterans Day! Today's weather is high 73, with a low of 28. No Power Hour today. Students, Power Hour will not return until we are sure that you can clean up after yourselves and use you...

Announcements 11/7/19

November 7, 2019

Today is another great day! We may have had Pour Hour taken away, but we can do better! Let's show them that we are able to handle the responsibility that comes with Power Hour! :) Tickets for the home game at the Pfield this...

Announcements 11/5/19

November 7, 2019

Another day to be great, lets do our best Wolves! Give it your all and don't give up! Congratulations to the Weiss High School Band who place top 12 in the state at the state competition yesterday.  The band will perform in ...

Announcements 11/4/19

November 7, 2019

It's Holiday season Weiss Wolves! Lets all set ourselves up for success this next nine weeks and give it our all! Wolves—do you have a parent or grandparent who served in the military? Please check your email to fill out a fo...

Announcements 9/26/19

October 4, 2019

Reminder Tickets for the away game in Bastrop will be sold in the front office during power hour ONLY.  $7 Adult - $ 3 student   -   $ 8 at the gate Monday, September 30th begins Howlcoming Spirit Week Monday:...

Announcements 9/25/19

September 25, 2019

  Events Monday, September 30th begins Howlcoming Spirit Week Monday: Hawaiian Day Tuesday: Generation XYZ (Freshmen- Babies (onezies are acceptable), Sophomore-Toddlers/ children, Junior-adults, Senior- Senior ci...

Announcements 9/24/29

September 24, 2019

Academics Clubs If you are interested in UIL Social Studies...please visit with Mr. Runnels in D119. The Business Professionals of America meeting will be held in B174 tomorrow during the second part of power hour. ...

Announcements 9/23/19

September 23, 2019

Clubs Club fair on Friday during Power Hour Academics Drake University will be on campus at 1:25pm in the CCC.Class of 2021,there will be a mandatory meeting in the PAC at 12:05 tomorrow.  The meeting should be brief...

Announcements 9/18/19

September 20, 2019

Academics October 16th the PSAT will be given to all sophomores and all juniors. Freshmen AVID students and Freshmen in math course other than Algebra 1 will also participate in the PSAT Test Seniors will have the oppo...

Announcements 9/16/19

September 18, 2019

Wolf of the Week: N/A Academics Wednesday, October 16th he PSAT will be given to all sophomores and all juniors. Freshmen AVID students and Freshmen in math course other than Algebra 1 will also participate in the...

Announcements 9/12/19

Chandler tero, Staff Writer

September 12, 2019

Wolf of the Week: Caleb Ramirez Congrats Caleb :) Academics IPRs are being given out today during 6th period Events Class of 2021, There will be a meeting on Friday, Sept. 13 in room B-167 during the first half of Po...

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