Out Like a Light

HOSA Promoting Community Awareness

Out Like a Light

H.O.S.A., Health Occupational Students of America, members, Giselle Soria (12), Jordan Poch (12), Daena Daus (11), and Alena Le (12) are working to bring awareness to teens on the health risks associated with cellphone usage. This February 21st they will be competing at Seguin High School at the Area level competition hoping to advance to the State level competition in March.

Why did your team select this particular subject?
HOSA President Alena Le says, “Living as teenagers in America, the topic of phone usage holds a deep interest within us due to its significant involvement in our lives. A curiosity of the issue continues to grow as there is increasing debate on whether or not technology is good for our overall health. Articles discussing the formation of a new neck bone due to phone usage then developed our pursuit of phone usage. We were eager to learn more. We realized the effects of excessive phone usage were evident all around us. Several students displayed materialistic behavior due to trying to emulate social trends. We have recognized the urgency of the issue and decided to spread awareness to our peers.”

Team members, Jordan Poch, Giselle Soria, Alena Le, and Daena Daus

What is your objective for getting this information out to the public?
HOSA officer Giselle Soria states, “Our goal is to educate others on the harmful health effects of phone usage. We can help others avoid health hazards by understanding the risks and how to avoid them. To promote awareness, our team created and presented a PSA video about the effects of phone usage. Peers gained additional knowledge as we delivered cards with facts about phone usage with candy attached. Our team also created a survey to gain knowledge concerning others’ experiences with phone usage.” Team member Daena Daus comments, “We got to interview an optometrist at Visionworks, in which we were able to obtain a greater understanding of the causes and effects on phone usage. Our team continued to spread awareness by performing a “What Would You Do?” with the help of our assistant principal, Mrs. Gina Brown, as she staged a heated debate with a theater student during a school rally, testing the number of students whipping out their phones in the blink of an eye. We have noticed the majority of people can not live without a phone. We want to inform our peers what can occur as a result of misusing a phone as well as what damages may occur in our surroundings. We were able to spread awareness through social media, stating a fact with each post”.

Assistant Principal, Gina Brown joins HOSA in spreading awareness of the harmful effects of cellphone usage.

The team has created an Instagram, thruthephOne, and now have over 200 followers.  Daena Daus said that several individuals have reached out to them on Instagram commenting on how glad they are to have come across this account.  “One person stated how it is beneficial to start becoming aware of the effects now, especially during these times when we’ve become so dependent on technology,” said Jordan Poch.