Is A Nationwide Draft In Our Near Future?


Andres Mauries and Alexandra Garza

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been an emerging conflict between the United States and the Middle Eastern country, Iran. This conflict all began on December 27th, when an American defense contractor was killed in a rocket attack launched by Kataib Hezbollah in an Iraqi military base in Kirkuk. Only two days later on December 29th, the Pentagon responded by carrying out three airstrikes against Kataib Hezbollah with two being in Syria and the other one in Iraq. These missiles were sent to specifically target weapon storage facilities and command locations that they could use to plan and execute attacks on coalition forces. From these attacks came a 

suspected death toll of 25 Syrian and Iraqi fighters and a vow to exact revenge for the “aggression of evil American ravens.” Part of this revenge came on December 31st members and supporters of the pro-Iranian paramilitary groups in Iran broke into the heavily guarded U.S embassy compound in Baghdad, destroying the main door and setting fire to parts of the perimeter. Following the exchanges or military acts, a handful of “moral raising” tweets by our president Donald Trump attempting to get the U.S citizens to side with him and the American war efforts.

Along with these conflicts have come false information that is getting to the public in the form of fake text messages sent to young adults that read as follows  “United States Official Army Draft, we tried contacting you through the mail several times and have had no response.” which is followed by “you’ve been marked eligible and must come to the nearest recruitment branch in Jacksonville, Florida for immediate departure to Iran.” and with the final message being “we’re aware that this number is not disconnected, you’ll be fined and sent to jail for a minimum of 6 years if not reply.” These messages hold no value and are not sent from the government or anyone with power. As of right now, the conflicts have not gotten to the point of a world war draft however things can happen in the blink of an eye.