Upcoming Baseball Tryouts


Anthony Benavides, Sports Writer


We have a few different sports at this school with amazing teams and their coaches, and now is time for the upcoming tryouts for the American classics, Baseball, and Softball. We have both Coach Bivone (baseball) and Coach Spittler (softball) guiding our win for this upcoming season.


Baseball tryouts will be held on January 31st and February 1st at the WHS Baseball field.


Students trying out are requested to bring a baseball glove and to wear comfortable pants if any baseball pants are unowned.


When we asked Coach Bivone about the upcoming season he had this to say:


“We are looking to grow our program and field three competitive baseball teams. (1 Varsity team, and 2 JV teams). We want our students to relax and enjoy the time you get out on the field and don’t try too hard. Do your best. Please come try out if you are interested in baseball, we encourage it.”