The Australian Bushfires


In late December 2019, the Australian bushfires started on both sides of the Pacific Highway within the Coopernook region, The fires burnt 687 acres before they were brought down to manageable control. Since then, at least 17 people have been found dead, while thousands have evacuated from the worst bushfire in this country’s history. While wildfires are a common event year-round for most dry countries. Scientists have already concluded man-induced global warming has played a role in feeding the wildfires.

Now, most people don’t truly realize how much land has been lost to the fires. There have been areas as big as Switzerland impacted.

While many Australians are fighting against the fires, political tension is rising. Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is currently under fire for being on vacation at Hawaii shortly before Christmas and had to return early due to the severity of the fires and the tragic death of two volunteer firefighters. Many were angry that he traveled during a crisis and that anger escalated when Morrison began to deny he was away but was eventually exposed when photos of him wearing board shorts began to circulate on social media. Morrison’s administration has been in emergency-response mode. Following the outrage, Morrison and Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese have stopped visiting evacuation centers and have tried to halt any discussion of political issues raised by these fires. 

“I think it’s important that at moments like this, everybody take it down a few notches,” Morrison said. “It’s because people need to know that we’re focussed on their needs right here and now.”

As the fire sweeps across Australia, tens of thousands of people have swarmed to protest and rally calling to the prime minister and government to act on global warming.

Leading to the need for Australia’s political class to address climate change. 

Since the bushfires have started, many different organizations have been setting up areas to donate to provide relief and support to families and victims of the fires who have been misplaced because of these fires. Along with this, people have also been donating sums of their own money, as well as getting a little creative when coming up with ideas to raise money.

If you yourself are concerned with the Australian bushfires, one of the simplest ways you can help with them is making a donation in cash. Some places you can donate listed below:

   If you’re looking to go the extra mile and donate much-needed goods and resources or give money to those who aren’t first considered, here are some other places that you can also lend a helping hand: