Austin’s Trail of Lights


Leonardo Castillo, Staff Writer

How did it start?

The Trail of lights has been a tradition in Austin since 1965 starting as a small gathering named “The Yule Fest.” This was a way to gift the city of Austin, its parks and the Recreation Department, which would later turn into a Trail of Lights opened for the public for 54 years.

What can you expect?

The Trail of Lights is one of the three biggest events that happen in Austin. This attraction invites over 400,000 guests to enjoy the 2-mile walk full of light tunnels, light sculptures, a ferris wheel, many stands selling winter souvenirs (hand-stitched sweaters, blankets, etc.), and many food stands for reasonably good prices. You can buy tickets online at The online website offers a variety of admission packages such as General Admission starting at $5 or, depending on the day listed on the website, you can get free entry. ZIP passes that include early entry and access to the ZIP lounge which includes complimentary hot cocoa, cookies, comfortable seating and heated washrooms for $20. Platinum passes (top of the line) which this package includes, early access, valet parking, one free drink at any bar laid out trough out the park and a free ride in any of the “roller coasters”, kid rides, and ferris wheels, This package also includes cookies, hot cocoa, a Platinum room similar to the ZIP lounge, and a golf cart ride around the light trail, this could all be purchased for $80,  Parking is available for $15, and you can purchase a ride ticket for $7 that also includes a general admission ticket in addition and the free ride will save you the time for the parking traffic.

Why should you go?

The Trail of lights has been apart of Austin’s culture for many years now and this attraction gives many people lots of lovable and fun memories to capture. A great place to take pictures and get to know why living in Austin is is a beneficial privilege. This is a great option if this is something you would like to do with your friends or family over the Christmas break.

From our Weiss High School Newspaper we wish you all a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!