Weiss Midterms


Francisco Pelaez, Staff Writer

Weiss midterms are approaching quickly and will be the last exams before the Winter Break. Each exam will be worth 10% of a semester average. There is a new schedule for the midterm week, which will consist of one normal day and four exam days. On Monday, Students will follow the normal schedule which will respectively be a B day, in which students will have the regular power hour, where they will have a chance to turn in any missing and late assignments. After Monday, the schedule will consist of: two exams, power hour, and the last two periods of the day, that will alternate depending on whether it is an A or B day. On Friday however, students will have an early release day. Once they are finished with their last 2 exams and a 25-minute lunch period, they are free to start the much desired Winter Break! If a student drives or is going to picked up by a parent on the early release day, they may skip the 25-minute lunch period and leave at 1:05 after finishing their 6th-period exam. If a student has been exempt from a final, they are still expected to show up on the day of the final and be in the respective classroom, otherwise, they will lose the ability to be exempt from the test. Below is a chart to better help students understand the exam schedule: