The Importance of Keeping up with your Grades

The Importance of Keeping up with your Grades

Giuliana Marquez

Grades don’t define you, but they certainly do matter…

Grades are important in high school, college, and possibly in your life after college. Colleges will look at your grades, scholarship organization will look at your grades, and even future employers will look at grades too. This time of year may be very overwhelming for high schoolers. They have to worry about doing the best they can this new semester. There are many reasons why it is important to keep up with your grades and strive to do the best you can for the remaining school year.

Good grades can…

1. Lead to scholarships

Colleges and universities look at your grades to consider if they want to fund a student. Student debt can take a toll on an individual’s future. Getting a scholarship because you got high scores and better grades while being in extracurricular activities can help with this burden.


2. Open door to future opportunities

A lot of companies with career opportunities will look into your GPA scores. These scores may be in your resume. The score can prove to the company that you may be the right fit for the workplace. When a student
approaches an employer with good grades, they will know you possess the ability to successfully handle certain tasks.

3. Boost self-confidence

According to a study at the University of Michigan, “about 80% of students surveyed claimed that most of their self-worth came from academic performance compared to those who said family support as their source of self-esteem.” There was another scientific study that indicated that “adolescents with low self-image had a higher likelihood to have poor health, participate in the crime, and generally earn less money than their confident counterparts.” Poverty usually leads to poor grades and low self-image (this may not always be the case). This can lead to greater poverty and social breakdown.

If you are planning to continue to learn at advanced levels, you cannot ignore the importance of having good grades. Continue to study hard and don’t give up! Good luck on your last semester! Make good choices that your future self will be proud of!