Wolves own App


Alexandra Garza, Staff Writer

In today’s world, apps are the new way to easy and fast access to our favorite website that we use every day. Some app is used to keep us entertain or keeps us update with news around us. With that said, our school newspaper now has its very own app! Well technically, this is not Weiss’s app, but it is the site that we, The Wolf Street Journals, uses to publish news for the school. This cool new app is called, “Student News Source: The Hub of Student Journalism”, and it’s available for download on iOS and Android.

How it works

Due to the app being new, let us go over the features. Keep in mind that we don’t officially have the app until the end of December so some features may not work until then. After downloading the app, It will ask you to find your school and three option to find the school you are looking for: “use your current location”, “Browse all school”, or typing the school name. Type “Weiss High school” (or the school that you’re looking for) and click enter.

Once in, you are provided four sections: “Home”, “Recent”, “Saved”, and “Settings”. Click on the “Recent” button to get all the new articles that been publish or updated. Click on “Home” to get all articles and to find the different categories such as; Arts & Entertainment, News, Sports, etc. To find the different categories, just click the three lines in the top corner of the “Home” page. This also allows you to search for articles that you want. With the “Saved” section, it saves all the articles that you saved by clicking the bookmark next to the story. “Setting” lets you add other school papers, set notifications for story categories and your favorite writers, and its also where you can set up a username.

Now let us go through the other features that are there. Once you click an article, a green plus will appear on the bottom right corner and on top of the article there’s the comment tab. The comment tab is basically where all the comments can be seen and to leave a comment. The green plus has four little feature; “subscribe to this writer”, “comment”, “Share”, and “save”.

Keep in mine that some of these features may be unable to use until the end of December. The features that don’t work when you click the green plus: “Comment, “Share”, and “save”.  The “subscribe to this writer” allows you to follow the writer(s) of the article you are reading. Once clicked on, a tab will pop up allowing you to chose the writer you want to (this tab will also pop up if theres one writer).  This sends notification (if notification is set on) and keeps you update to their news articles. Another feature that shows the writers is their name. Under the title of the article, the writer’s name is shown in green. Click on the name to know more about the writer and to see other articles they have perviously done.

With that said, we have finished going over the app. Don’t for get to download it and set those notifications on to not miss anything thats going on at Weiss or in the community, I personally recommend to set notification for Announcement.