Saugus High School Shooting


Rebeca Martinez, Staff Writer

On his own birthday, 16-year-old, Nathaniel Berhow pulled out a gun (.45-caliber semi-automatic pistol) and shot 5 people at Saugus High School in California. Authorities say that during this 16-second attack, he shot 5 students killing 2 and then proceeded to shoot himself in the head.  The Sheriff’s department says that his mother was present in the event of this attack. While searching his house, authorities found 6 weapons that belonged to his father and other weapons were found as well. The reason behind this shooting has not yet been identified.

Names of Victims

Dominic Blackwell: Dominic (14 years old) was identified by authorities after he died in the hospital. A photo of him was shared by a friend, Anthony Martinez when they were on the same football team back in 2015.  In the photo, we can see Dominic’s smiling and joyfully face. “This world lost a bright, shining light..” Said a statement; “Personified by a goofy laugh, cheesy smile, and a huge caring heart”.

Gracie Anne Muehlberger:  Gracie’s name was also released by officials after she passed. 16 teen-year-old girl was among those shot in the quad area of her school. “Our Gracie went to be with Jesus,” said a statement; “Our vivacious, funny, loyal, light of our lives”, “She will be missed more than words will ever be able to express”.

Addison Koegle, Mia Paige-Tratta, and Andrew Gardetto were all wounded but thankfully survived.

Stay safe

This tragic story can also be a big lesson for all of us. To prevent another event like this in our school, be sure to always be safe. If you ever hear a threat, be sure to

report it immediately. If you ever see danger for your self or the people around you, please report that as well.  Be sure to take drills seriously at all times. Always be aware of your surroundings. Remember that one conversation might indicate signs of a threat, don’t be afraid to speak up (it does not matter if it is your friend, a shooter could be anyone you know).