H.O.W Humans of Weiss: (Years of Weiss, A Series) Sophomores looking back Part 3


Orlando Serpasanchez

Orlando Serpasanchez, 15, a sophomore at Weiss High School

  • How would you describe yourself as a freshman? “As a freshman I was a scared kid who had just come to high School and didn’t know what to do 70% of the time”
  • How have you grown as an individual? “As a student i have drown in many ways. My grades are much better and I have lots of friends and as an individual I have also grown a lot. I used to be very shy, but now I’m am an outgoing teen”
  • How has Weiss improved since last year? “Weiss has improved a lot. From staff to size to UIL related things. “
  • How do you think Weiss can improve even more? “I definitely think it can improve in the “freedom” of the students during power hour”
  • How do you want your high school experience to be like at Weiss “I want high school experience to be an awesome/unforgettable one”
  • How has the school(Staff, teachers, overall school moral) helped or hindered your learning as a Weiss student “I have gone to every football game Weiss has had in the past two years and have participated in spirit week both years.I’m also in band”
  • How have you been contributing to Weiss spirit? (Teachers, overall school moral) helped or hindered your learning as a Weiss student? “The school has definitely had some good impact on my learning experience.”
  • How would you like the school to grow from here on out? (If you could tell Mrs. Gamble how you felt about the school and how it handles its students, what would you say?) “I would like the school to have more weeks like spirit week and more pep rallies like the black out pep rally.”
  • How would you rate Weiss as a new school? 1-10 “I’d rate Weiss a 4/5″