H.O.W Humans of Weiss: (Years of Weiss, A Series) Sophomores looking back Part 2


Wesley Rocha

Wesley Rocha, 15, a Sophomore at Weiss high school

  • How would you describe yourself as a freshman? “I was a kid who didn’t like doing my work but did enough to get by to play sports and I started to actually care about my grade and it started to improve as I worked harder and harder enabling me to get good grades while still playing sports”
  • How have you grown as an individual? “I’ve  grown by caring more about my grades and who I surround myself with I stopped caring about what others think and stayed with who made me a better person and a better student while maintaining my grades and doing work in class and out on the field.”
  • How has Weiss improved since last year? “I started to feel better about myself and my friends because I knew id become someone great with the people beside growing with me while I stay out of all the unnecessary drama that’ll plague my mind and make me lose focus so I can stay on top of everything”
  • How do you think Weiss can improve even more? “Weiss wasn’t that great when I first got here but as the year went by the days started to get better and so did peoples mood and it started to fill the school with this energy that puts a smile on my face and helped me keep moving forward”
  • How do you want your high school experience to be like at Weiss “I want my experience to be nice and easy-going so I can deal with other issues that may occur like practice and family if high school goes easy it’ll allow me to decide what I want to do in the future as well while dealing with everyone else to keep my mind focused.”
  • How has the school(Staff, teachers, overall school moral) helped or hindered your learning as a Weiss student“overall the teachers can be very loud and annoying by yelling at us to take earphones out during lunch when we’re allowed to have them in or by yelling at us to turn in work when we have all work turned in but despite all that all the teachers even if bad at teaching (not giving out names) are amazing kind loving caring people. Teachers are all pretty nice but they’re really strict so strict it could pressure someone to do something they don’t normally do like in my case walk out of class because restroom privileges get taken away or being held after class in 4/8th period it will mess with their mind feeling like they’re trapped.”
  • How have you been contributing to Weiss spirit? (Teachers, overall school moral) helped or hindered your learning as a Weiss student? “I’ve been contributing by playing football for Weiss freshman and JV a team and participating in wrestling and track for Weiss also I was enrolled in tech theatre and helped set up lights for shows and attend shows.”
  • How would you like the school to grow from here on out? (If you could tell Mrs. Gamble how you felt about the school and how it handles its students, what would you say?)“The students can get a little rowdy but just because a couple of people mess up doesn’t mean everyone gets punished or if it is one individual grade level I would suggest a different punishment of having kids clean up after school or taking away power hour for one or 2 grades.
  • How would you rate Weiss as a new school? 1-10  “8.25”