H.O.W Humans of Weiss: (Years of Weiss, A Series) Sophomores looking back Part 1


Brighton Wilson

Chandler Tero

Every Sophomore cringes when they look back on what they used to be, a freshman, AKA, a Freshie. However, that’s a sign of growth, if you don’t cringe when you look back on your past self, you’re lying.

Brighton Wilson, 15, a sophomore at Weiss high school

  • How would you describe yourself as a freshman? “Really loud, not very motivated. I really wanted to just talk to friends instead of work.”
  • How have you grown as a student? “My grades are much better, I work a lot harder and I’m a lot more motivated.”
  • How have you grown as an individual? “I’ve mellowed out a lot and I’ve matured a lot more since my freshman year.”
  • How has Weiss improved since last year? “Weiss has improved more on making students work on their grades by using Power Hour as a privilege rather than a necessity.”
  • How do you think Weiss can improve even more? “They need to be less strict on taking it away every chance they get and instead focus on encouraging good grades. Although taking away Power Hour is an okay motivator for bringing up grades, overall it just hurts us because it takes away the time responsible students use to work on grades and tutorials. Instead, Weiss should reward good behavior and grades instead of punishing the masses for the poor students.”
  • How do you want your high school experience to be like at Weiss? “I want my high school experience to be fun and memorable, but at the same time I want to establish myself as a hard worker and motivated.”
  • How have you been contributing to Weiss spirit? “I’ve contributed by participating in UIL Competitions, specifically Debate, I try to win awards and prestige to bring back to Weiss.”
  • How has the school (Staff, teachers, overall school moral) helped or hindered your learning as a Weiss student? “The teachers have defiantly been helpful for learning. they’re understanding and are super helpful whenever you don’t understand something in the class. They always strive to help us do our best.”
  • How would you like the school to grow from here on out? (If you could tell Mrs. Gamble how you felt about the school and how it handles its students, what would you say?) “Weiss could definitely grow on to being so harsh on students and allow students more freedom, like listening to music in the halls (one earbud rule) or more freedom in sitting areas during Power hour.”
  • How would you rate Weiss as a new school? 1-10 “Weiss is defiantly a 6 or 7, it has a good standing, but could still improve.”