Math U.I.L



Alexia Perez, Editor In Chief

What is UIL?

UIL stands for University Interscholastic League, an organization in Texas that holds competitions for athletics, theater, and academic contests. Any student is welcome to participate, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements set by the districts.

Math UIL

One of the competitions in UIL is mathematics, composed of several events that students can compete in. Any student who would like to participate in the math events may choose from any of the following: Calculator Applications, Mathematics, and Number Sense.


This contest is a 40-minute exam (multiple choice), it contains 60 questions that are used to test math knowledge in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, math analysis, and pre-calculus.

Computer Applications

This is a 30-minute test made up of 70 math problems which can be solved with a calculator. It has 35 numerical problems, 21 stated problems, and 14 geometry problems.

Number Sense

This is a 10-minute test made up of 80 questions. Students need to use mental math and create strategies in short cuts in order to be able to finish their tests.

Math UIL at Weiss

Here at Weiss students participated in math UIL last weekend (November 9th) at Belton High School. The UIL math team is led by Ms. Gould and is composed of about 10 students as of right now. Students are allowed to compete individually and sometimes form a team of 3 people. There will be more competitions during the 2nd semester of school, Ms. Gould is looking to grow the program as the school year goes by in order to get more students to compete in the future meets. Meeting are held every Tuesday during the first half of power hour in Ms. Gould’s classroom. There are no specific requirements besides maintaining passing grades so anyone is welcome to join.

Ms. Gould and 2 students, Treston and Ckarl at Weiss who placed at the UIL math meet on Saturday (November 9, 2019)
Treston and Ckarl


Students opinion on Math UIL

UIL member Treston Blevins states he joined UIL Math because he enjoys math and he excels in it. Treston also states “UIL is fun, but it would be more fun if more people joined.” Students at Weiss should consider joining UIL Math if they have a passion for math and want to be a part of something at Weiss. UIL can help students build their competitive skills and their team skills while also giving them the opportunity to build on their resume.