2020 Election Candidates


Source: global research.ca

Alexia Perez

Democratic Candidates

  1. Bennet: Senator of Colorado since 2009.
  2. Booker: Senator of New Jersey since 2013.
  3. Biden: Former Vice President under the Obama administration.
  4. Bullock: Governor of Montana.
  5. Buttigieg: Mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
  6. Castro: Secretary of Housing and Development from 2014 to 2017.
  7. Delaney: Former U.S. Representative of Maryland’s 6th congressional district (2013-2019)
  8. Gabbard: U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district
  9. Klobuchar: Senior U.S. Senator from Minnesota
  10. Messam: Mayor of Miramar, Florida since 2015
  11. Sanders: Junior U.S. Senator and Congressman from Vermont
  12. Sestak: Retired U.S. Navy officer, former U.S. representative of Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district (2007-2011)
  13. Steyar: American billionaire, hedge fund manager, and environmentalist
  14. Warren: Senior U.S. Senator of Massachusetts since 2013
  15. Williamson: American author and activist
  16. Yang: Entrepreneur and founder of Venture for America

Republican Candidates

  1. Trump: Current President of the U.S. who is up for re-election
  2. Sanford: Former Governor of South Carolina, and former U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 1st congressional district (1995-2001)
  3. Walsh: Former U.S. Representative of Illinois’ 8th district
  4. Weld: Former Governor of Massachusetts (1991-1997)

2020 Elections/Important Dates

The 2020 elections will take place on Tuesday November 3rd, 2020.


  • December 19th, Sixth democratic primary debate in Los Angeles


  • September 29th, First presidential debate in Notre Dame
  • October 7th, Vice presidential debate in Salt Lake City
  • October 15th, Second presidential debate in Ann Arbor
  • October 22nd, Third presidential debate in Nashville

Why voting matters?

Voting is a right that all U.S. citizens are born with. Anyone over the age of 18 who has a clean record is able to vote in local, state, and presidential elections. Voting is often taken for granted by a lot of people in the United States but it is an important part of running this country, citizens are allowed to vote for whoever they feel is right for office but recently voting turnout has been low. Many politicians are attempting to raise the voting turnout by encouraging people to get out and vote, especially younger people in the United States. People should take advantage of this right because it is one of the defining principles of America.