Choir Region Results

Calista Basore, Staff Writer

Throughout the past few weeks, students in our choir program have been taking time out of their schedules to compete in the annual regional choral contest. Students have to learn pieces of music within the span of a few weeks, and then on the day of the contest, they go into a small room and sing one minute’s worth of the songs that they have learned. A few hours after they’re finished competing, they get to log onto this website where they find out where they placed compared to all the other competitors. If they manage to get into the slot of top competitors, then you get to move onto the next round of auditions. The last round of auditions was the actual region round, where 12 students made it into a choir, and 4 of those students have a chance at making it to the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) all-state choir.

Treble Choir

Taryn Bittick – Soprano 1

Jenny Emmanuel – Soprano 2

Megan Martin – Alto 2

Jordan Poch – Soprano 2

Morgan Pope – Alto 1

Nia Robertson – Alto 2

Sophia Torrico – Soprano 1

Riley Wood – Soprano 1

Mixed Choir

Kelsey Nyandusi – Soprano 2, 5th chair

Geetika Nandamudi – Soprano 2, 15th chair

Ryan Kim – Tenor 1, 3rd chair

Benjamin Miranda – Bass 2, 9th chair

In the few weeks to come, whenever the results of the next competition are posted, they will be posted and available here as soon as possible.