Update of “The Fate of Spiderman”


Rebeca Martinez, Staff Writer

Our last article The Fate of Spiderman might have broken many Marvel fan’s hearts. However, there have been updates about the situation. Marvel Studios and Sony Studios have finally reached an agreement. Spiderman is now back in the cinematic universe and is ready to film for future MCU movies! The exciting news was announced on Friday, September 27th.

How did it happen?

This news is crazy enough, but what many fans wonder is, how did it happen?

It all started with a phone call.

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Tom Holland convinced him to not give up on a deal and to bring Spiderman back into the MCU. ” I felt for him,” said Iger,” and it was clear that the fans wanted all this to happen”. So after his talk with Holland, he reached out to the rest of his team and decided to give the head of Sony a call. After all this, everything started to fall into place.

Tom Holland’s response

Tom Holland has responded to the news by posting a video on his Instagram. The video was a clip from the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. In this scene, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character states that he is “not leaving”. Many fans found his response amusing. It wasn’t only the fans that found his response perfect, many other celebrities did as well; such as Zendaya (MJ in the MCU Spiderman movies), who commented multiple laughing emojis.

What’s next?

Now that Spiderman is back, Marvel Studios will now be able to produce the third Spiderman movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This movie will is scheduled to be released on July 16, 2021.