College Fair



September 24th was actually a pretty eventful day, because there was a college fair here at Weiss High School. Many representatives had come, ranges from the University of Texas to even the Navy. It was quite a busy, but you can obtained a lot if you pay attention.

The event actually started at 6PM, but most had come at 5PM to start setting up their table. Due to how most had come without eating anything, the school had prepared a food court in the library for them. There were also boxes of each high school for the representatives to put in their pamphlet to give later to the college counselor.

Many students have also come to help out too. They were informed of this opportunity through their teacher, as stated by the AVID students. Most had come immediately to the College and Career Corner room, after school ended, to get assigned to a job. They are either assigned to welcome the students and representatives or to help get food for the representatives. Even though they are helping out, they still get a chance to talk to the representatives once the fair start.

Now how was the actual college fair? It was busy. Students from Weiss and other school had come and stay until 8PM. University of Texas (UT), Texas A&M, and Austin Community College were swarmed with students coming to talk to them. Austin Community College usually don’t get much attention based on the last two college fair. The increased attention to it is due to the new district policy where students have to apply for Austin Community College. UT’s policy has changed a bit, so there were many questions to them about it especially about scholarships and tuition.

At the end of it all, most students seem to find their time there to be productive. Colleges is coming up around the corner, so time can’t be wasted anymore. Even though senior may already have a plan, most are still undecided. So this day help broaden up their choices and make it easier for them for them to make a choice on where they will go.