Ways to Battle Climate Change


Leslie Mondragon

What exactly is Climate Change?

Climate change has been around for a while now, but now with Greta’s speech, the topic has gained even more attention than before. Climate change refers to the rising temperatures around the world mostly due to the greenhouse effect; where CO2 is trapped in the atmosphere thereby causing a hole in the ozone layer. The rising Co2 levels can be credited to the rising amount of fossil fuels being burned for transportation, electricity, etc. Due to this, the temperatures are rising, with this comes rising sea levels which can trigger floods and extreme droughts which can affect some of the world’s food supply. So this topic needs to be discussed and brought awareness too.


In what ways have we contributed? 

As mentioned before the burning of fossil fuels is a major component, which has increased dramatically since the Industrial Revolution. Human-driven changes in land such as deforestation, urbanization, and shifts in vegetation patterns also alter the climate, resulting in changes to the Earth’s surface. Also landfills. We are using a lot of plastic which takes years to properly decompose, also we are not recycling properly thus large quantities of methane gas are released further depleting the ozone layer.


How are we contributing to it, here at Weiss?

One of the main factors is during lunch. Of course, most of the student body tends to be in a rush to get to tutorials or to class once the bell rings to avoid lunch detention. Due to this, we tend to misuse the recycle and compost bins by just throwing our whole plate instead of sorting it out. Also eating outside and leaving trash on the grass or any other part of campus. Not only is that disrespectful but it tends to not get picked up.


In what ways could we reduce carbon emissions? 

We are already pretty green already, we have refillable water stations and air dryers for the bathroom. But we can always do more, such as sorting out our trash correctly. Extra food that is on your plate should go into the green trash can. The paper trays where we get our veggies and our napkins should be recycled. Unfortunately, the styrofoam plates are not recyclable so they should be thrown in the trash can which is the grey bin. Also, we must pick up after ourselves. Not only are we helping the environment, but we also are not putting extra work for our custodians. It is not their job to pick up after us. Make sure you’re helping our school be green wolves!