Arsenic And Old Lace Fall Play

Giuliana Marquez and Rebeca Martinez

The Weiss Theater Presents…

Arsenic And Old Lace! The performance will be on October 2nd, 3rd, and  5th at 7:00 pm. The play will take place in the PAC at Weiss High School. The tickets will be on sale for $3 dollars for students and $5 dollars for adults. There are only 3 days to watch the play so make sure you buy your ticket! So come on by and watch if you are wanting a good laugh and make sure to support the Weiss Theater’s fall play! 

About Arsenic & Old Lace… Arsenic and Old Lace is a comedy by playwright Joseph Kesselring, written in 1939. The plot starts off with Mortimer Brewster who has proposed to Elaine Harper who lives right next to Mortimer. The newlyweds return to their family homes to announce the great news of them being engaged. Mortimer then finds a corpse hidden in a window seat. With his Aunt Abby, Aunt Martha and his homicidal brother Teddy, Mortimer starts to realize his family is not normal and even crazier than he thought. There are many other events and people who make Mortimer believe that his family is crazy so he must also be crazy as well.

Behind the Scenes of Arsenic And Old Lace… The Weiss Theatre production of Arsenic and Old Lace have been working hard on the fall play since late August. There are many students who are involved and are helping out a lot for this production. The set of Arsenic of Old Lace is also unlike any other set the Weiss theater production has done. The set is two stories and has stairs to give off the effect of a two-story house! None of this would have been possible if we didn’t have amazing students and directors to put in the work and make this play the best it can be. Understudies are also a valuable part in a play, they are always there to replace an actor’s spot if they are unable to perform. Tech, set, costumes, makeup and more are so important to the production of a play. Comedies can be a hard genre to portray because of the timing of the lines. Timing is one of the main things the cast have been working on.  Make sure you come watch Arsenic And Old Lace this week!

The Cast of Arsenic And Old Lace…

Characters                Actors

Abby Brewster         Angela Mata

Re. Dr. Harper         Terrell Simpson

Teddy Brewster        Caleb Ramirez

Officer Brophy          Ryan Casteneda

Officer Klien              Kamden Turner

Martha Brewster       Sabrina Vargas

Elaine Harper            Yassie Bonner

Mortimer Brewster   Kayin Huff

Mr. Gibbs                    Adam Taylor

Jonathan Brewster    Tobias Reyes

Dr. Einstein                 Maya Albert

Officer O’Hara             Jett Hebert

Lieutenant Rooney     Tom Burchfield

Mr. Witherspoon        Daniel Castillo