Austin City Limits 2019


Leonardo Castillo and Alexia Perez

How did it start?

The first Austin City Limits festival took place in 2002 at Zilker park. This festival started out as a public television music program that would be recorded at Austin. It became really popular and later turned into an annual music festival held at Zilker park. The festival has gathered up nearly $35 Million over the past 13 years to fund Austins public parks, trails, and all green spaces. At first local musicians would perform live but as the festival grew in popularity more well known artists started to play in the festival.

What to expect?

ACL 2019 will consist over 50 artists/bands of many genres, some of the headlining and most recognizable artists are Guns N’ Roses, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Childish Gambino, and The Cure. The festival containing 8 stages will have over 450,000 guest from around the country and outside the country. People outside of America have decided to come to ACL because reviews have claimed that Austin is the “Music Capitol of the World” and this is said because of the energy and the way festivals go crazy in this city. ACL is one of the reason that the beloved city, Austin is on the map and known best for.

How do to get in?

Tickets are still up for weekend 2 and they do start off at $260 but ACL does allow anyone under 12 to attend the festival for free. ACL tickets come in the form of a wristband and a booklet with information about the festival, as well as a small little heart to plant to “spread the green.”

Food and Beverages

The festival will feature many different food options for everyone this year. There is vegetarian options, vegan options, and gluten free options so everybody can enjoy something while being surrounded by music. A few of the featured vendors include…

  • Amy’s Ice Creams
  • Austin’s Pizza
  • Bananarchy
  • Blender’s and Bowls
  • Burrito Grilled Cheese
  • Chi’ Lantro BBQ
  • Chipotle
  • Chispas Tacos & Margs
  • Dean’s One Trick Pony
  • East Side King
  • Flyrite Chicken
  • Goodpop
  • Torchy’s Tacos

Out of state or the city?

ACL offers a package that includes a tickets and luxury hotels for people that have come’d along way for the festival with prices starting at $250 with a 3 day weekend. ACL guest also have the choice to rent a house associated with VRBO house rentals.


Austin City Limits can be a fun place for anyone to attend, there is a variety of music, food, and entertainment. It can be a great experience for Austin residents as well as for people outside of the city.