Weiss Cross Country

Kirsten Albert, Senior, Varsity

Kirsten Albert, Senior, Varsity

Giuliana Marquez, Staff Writer

        The Weiss Cross Country team has been training very intensely since early May and continued to do so throughout the summer of 2019. These hard-working athletes have been practicing for a long time and now is the time that they get to show everyone else what the Weiss Wolves are made of. None of these accomplishments so far would have been possible without their passionate coaches, Coach Spittler and Coach Ward. These coaches take time out of their day, even before the season has started to make their runners be the best athlete they can be for the new season that has already started. And the coaches will continue to make the team better athletes but also better people. There has already been four cross country meets that have already taken place at many different schools and our Weiss Cross Country team is looking sharp! The cross country team has grown very much over the past two years and it’s time to recognize some of the current members of the team. 

Jordyn Stringham, Senior, Varsity

      Jordyn Stringham, senior, who is on varsity was asked questions about her four-year cross country career. Ever since she was a freshman she looked up to the upperclassmen striving to be just as good as they are. When it was the first year Weiss was opened, Jordan was a sophomore and was excited to start a new tradition at Weiss High School. Now that Jordan is a role model for the underclassmen, she still sets herself goals to accomplish and Jordan’s goals for this cross country season are “to definitely improve her times and stamina.” Jordan’s response to what life lessons cross country has taught her was that it taught her to be “very determined and to continue to be strong even throughout the hard times.” Jordan says that the Weiss Cross Country team as a whole has been very successful and will continue to succeed in the future. She says that the team is very close to making it to state.

     Kirstin Albert, senior, is in varsity and has many goals that she wants to accomplish before the season is over.  A couple of her goals for this season is to get her time near twenty-one minutes and to be a good example for the underclassmen. Cross country has taught her perseverance, to work hard and that results do come. Kirstin is very big on teamwork and thinks her team is very good at encouraging other teammates. Throughout her cross country career has accomplished her goal of being on varsity and decreasing her time! Kirsten Albert is indeed a role model for the underclassmen and will continue to show her grit for the rest of the season!


Members of the Cross Country Team 

Adela DeLaRosa

Alexander Ortiz

Angelica Bernal

Angelina Sanchez

Austin Ganong

Briana Hernandez

Christian Vallejo

Clara Mechem

Daniel Morales

Darius Jr. Darks

Eric Dobriceanu

Gabby Vallejo

Giuliana Marquez

Jacob Tomson 

Jordyn Stringham

Kamden Turner

Kami Moore

Kaylee Turner

Kirsten Albert

Kyler Heath 

Mackenzie Ayers

Mackenzie Moore 

Sara Woodson

Sophia Reyes

Tyson Smith

The Weiss Cross Country team next upcoming meet is on Friday, October 4 at Lampasas High School at 7:00 am. The opponent is Lampasas XC Invitational.