Weiss Theatre Play Schedule of 2019-2020


This year, Weiss Theatre is hosting several plays this year. From regular theater to musicals where anyone can sign up to auditions, excluding the in-class productions. Here is the list of the plays that would be performing and the dates of auditions and showing.

1.  Arsenic and Old Lace:

“Arsenic and Old Lace” is going to perform on October 3rd to the 5th at 7 pm. The cast has been finalized and is now being performed so don’t miss your chance to see it.

2. The Bully Plays

Theater II-IV are putting on the second play of the year. Come seem them perform. The Bully Plays” on October 24th at 7 pm. This play is a combination of short plays about the response to the growing epidemic of bullying and the all-too-often tragic results.

3. The Little Mermaid

“The Little Mermaid” is the first musical of the year. With audition being done, the musical is under production. The opening act of this fantastic musical is December 12th at 7 pm. Come watch this Disney classic come to life by our brilliant actors from December 12th to the 14th at 7 pm

4. Governing Alice

“Governing Alice” is a Freshman Select show preformed around January 22nd at 7 PM. This play is a modern adaption of Greek clasic Antigone. It is about a high schol student name Alice reponding to the sudden deat of her older brother. More information will be given when it gets closer to the performance date.

5. Trojan Women

“Trojan Women” Production class show around February 3rd at 7 PM. This play is a tragedy. More information will be given when it gets closer to the performance date.

6. She Kill’s Monsters

“She Kill’s Monster” is the UIL One-Act Play competition show. Auditions are on January 8th and 10th, and public performance is on March 6th at 7 PM. More information will be given when it gets closer to the performance date.

7. On the Places, we’ll Go

The photo was taken from the Weiss department website gallery. Its a picture of Isaiah Choice and Dwayne Sasoa performing in last year’s UIL One-Act Play “ANON(YMOUS)”.

“On the Places, We’ll Go” is the last show of the year. This performance is a musical play preform by our Weiss musical theater class.  It is inspected to be shown on May 1st at 7 PM.

Want more information on upcoming plays or news about Weiss Theatre Department, click here.