Speak Up! Speak Out!

Speak Up! Speak Out!

Alexia Perez

New club at Weiss

Speak Up! Speak Out! is a new club starting here at Weiss, it is sponsored by Ms. Gross and Ms. Neve. The main purpose of this club is to focus on issues surrounding the community that students can possibly solve through active citizenship. This club involves research surrounding the community and its issues like homelessness, littering or lack of specific facilities. This is a great opportunity for Weiss students to join a new club and get involved in their community.


Speak Up! Speak Out! is a club which was started in 2002 at UT, Austin through the Moody College of Education. The overall goal is for groups of students to identify key problems in their communities and potentially come up with solutions to the problems. Students in groups compete for a chance to present their research and potential solutions at the state civics fair. Whichever group wins this competition will receive money in order to go through with their solution and better their community. The upcoming competition will take place at the state capital building in February 2020. Students will need to register in advance with their groups in order to compete.


The new Speak Up! Speak Out! club provides students a chance to better their participation in their communities, which in turn, can shape them into better citizens. This club also gives students something to put on their resumes for college applications. Last but not least, it is also an opportunity for students to look into their community and pay attention to their surroundings more carefully. Often times students are aware of existing problems around them but they don’t know how to go about them to solve them, this club is the perfect place to learn about solutions and actually take initiative in their communities.