Humans of Weiss

Kevin Sanabria and Francisco Pelaez

“Forge our legacy”

In, conjunction with Humans of Weiss yearbook, the newspaper has conducted several interviews with Weiss students of all grade levels.  Our goal is to get to know the humans of Weiss High beyond the surface level and share their valued words here on our blog. Interviews were conducted by Kevin Granados and Francisco Pelaez.

After 3 years of the school being open, we finally have all 4-grade levels. Adjusting to Weiss can be difficult as a freshman or even a senior. We asked our fellow Weiss high school students how they adjusted to this year and how they built their legacy.

These are the responses we were able to gather:

Lynnette DeCuire (Junior):

Kevin: How have you adjusted to Weiss in your time being here?

Lynnette: Freshman and Sophomore year were a bit different compared to this year since we only had two grade levels. The school didn’t have as many students, which was fine because the hallways weren’t as crowded.

Kevin: So, was it harder to adjust with the new Juniors and Seniors this year?

Lynnette: I mean it was harder to adjust to the big hallways, but everything else was relatively easy.

Kevin: How have you started building your Legacy at Weiss?

Lynnette: I guess I’ve started building my legacy at Weiss through my interactions with my classmates and through my contributions in Art class.

Leslie Mondragon (Senior): 

Francisco: How have you adjusted to Weiss?

Leslie: It was a pretty big move, but I’ve adjusted because I’ve been here since sophomore year. At the beginning, it was hard because I used to go an all girl’s school. Transitioning was different, but not because.

Francisco: How have you started building your legacy at Weiss?

Leslie: So, whenever I get lunch, some people in front of me don’t thank the lunch staff, so I always make sure to say, “thank you”, to them. I hope that by doing this the people behind me will be inspired to do the same.

Morine Vasquez (Junior): 

Kevin: How do you like Weiss so far?

Morine: It’s a different experience than it was last year because there are a lot more people and the rules have changed.

Kevin: How do you plan on making this school year successful?

Morine: I plan to make this school year successful by getting better grades than last year.