Hurricane Dorian

What is happening?

The hurricane started as a storm in the North Atlantic Ocean, The storm was reported as a “Tropical Depression”, with the wind reaching speeds of 136 to 150 MPH, the storm has already hit  few parts of the Bahamas and is said to start heading to a few parts of Southwest of Florida, the now reported hurricane has already hit West Palm Beach, Miami, Jacksonville, Melbourne, and Savanah Georgia.

What has been done to avoid it?

Many residents have been warned to take shelter in a well-secured home or buildings. The condition of the hurricane has been updated by weather experts to reach a case of  “Category 4 Hurricane”, which means this could reach to an extreme hurricane. Many homeowners in Georgia and Florida have stocked up on fuel, food, and supplies leaving the aisle’s empty to get on the road and avoid getting hit by the high winds. Some residents that decide to stay home have taken extreme measures and boarded up their houses with plywood and sheets of metal, barricading there doors and windows.

Will this be another Galveston incident?, The U.S. went through a horrible deadly storm on September 1900 in the city of Galveston, Texas. The storm was a category 4 hurricane and the most dangerous in the U.S. history killing nearly 6,000-12,000 people. This was a very heavy fall for families in Texas and hopefully we hope this isn’t the same path for the Eastern states of the U.S.

Image result for 1900 Galveston hurricane

(image of the damage the hurricane did)

Our thoughts and prayers go to all the families In Florida and all the involved effected states.