Basic Rules at Weiss


Leo Castillo

Welcome to Weiss High School

Welcome back to Weiss returning students, and welcome to all the new students. Whether you are new and don’t know the rules of this campus, or returning after a fun summer and forgot some rules, this story is for you. Why follow the rules? Great question, well, it is important to follow the rules here at Weiss because of all the obvious consequences. These include R&G(ISS), being suspended, and OC. Not only are these consequences enough, but everything is tied to power hour as well. What is “Power Hour”? Power hour is the time where you can eat lunch and attend tutorials during school, an hour to eat lunch with your friends and get your work done, or get help for a failing class. If students do not have power hour, lunches will be switched back to the A and B schedule and they will have to attend tutorials on their own time, either after school or before school.

Understanding ID Checks

Weiss has been the first school in the Pflugerville district to implement the ID system on campus. ID checks are a safety procedure and they benefit both students and staff members. IDs are needed in order to identify students to make sure there are no intruders on campus, this way safety is ensured on campus. IDs are also needed to get into the academic pods during power hour, to use the restrooms during class and to be able to eat off-campus if you are a senior. If a student forgets their ID at home they are required to get a temporary ID before classes start in order for staff to be able to identify them. If the student loses their ID they are required to purchase a new ID for $5. If students reach the maximum use of 3 temporary IDs, they will be assigned either mandatory lunch detention or ISS.

Student Parking

It is important to obtain a student parking for safety measures on campus, this way the school security can identify that the vehicle belongs to a student at Weiss. That in turn, keeps intruders away from students and staff. If the vehicle does not have a student parking permit, they will receive a $25 dollar citation, if this continues they will receive a parking ticket from the Pflugerville Police Department. If a student wants to obtain a parking permit, they are required to have a copy of their driver’s license, front and back, and a copy of their insurance.

Keeping Weiss Clean

During lunch, things tend to get a bit out of order, which can lead to messes in the cafeteria or in the academic pods. Students should keep the school clean by simply cleaning up their trash. There are clean up carts in the cafeteria and the academic hallways in case a mess occurs. Do not leave trash in the hallways or on the tables, there are trash bins placed all around the school. If students do not clean up after themselves power hour can be taken away.

Attend Tutorials

The main purpose of power hour is for students to take advantage of the opportunity and attend tutorials during school hours. If there are too many students not attending tutorials and failing classes, power hour can be taken away because it is not being used properly.

Following the rules here at Weiss keeps our school running in a safe and productive manner. Students should do their part to keep Weiss a safe, fun, and productive environment.