Behind the Curtain of UIL One Act Play

Behind the Curtain of UIL One Act Play

Andres Mauries, Leonardo Castillo, and Cole Degroat

As we all know UIL season is upon us and all of our students are getting ready for the hard work, and commitment. Our UIL cast is made up of some of the best actors and technicians we have here in our theatre department. This year they will be performing the play “Anon(ymous)”  by Naomi Lizuka. Our cast members department will have 5 weeks to practice, The company list consists of only 5 technicians, with all of them performing different and vital roles in the technical aspect such as Stage Manager, Lights, Special Lights, Costumes, and Sound, with everyone helping with the construction of the set and props. There will be only 12 actors and 4 alternates who have the ability to replace either an Actor or a Technician. The company list has already been chosen and our actors, technicians, and alternates are set for the show.

UIL is a Texas-wide competition that takes our current shows at Weiss High School  to the next level and adds a competition aspect, which not only puts an immense amount of pressure on actors but also on the technicians with the already spread thin crew due to the fact that this show is a very “tech-heavy one”, this means there will be no crews and crew heads but instead there will be singular workers on each job. The mere fact that it is competition makes things extremely tense and strenuous on the directors because after all, they are going to be making some key adjustments and edits to the script to make it fit our cast more accurately to produce the best show possible.

The play Anon(ymous) is a “very racially dominant show where there’s a lot of diversity in the characters”-Abby McMannis about Anon, who is a young refugee growing up in the 1960s who was separated from his mother when he was very young, He’s on an epic odyssey across the united states to be reunited with his mother, meeting interesting people and having experiences with new people along the way. He will have to go through the dangers cruelty of the world.

UIL is something that can be scary to anyone involved, even someone with as much experience as Isiah Choice gets nervous and he says “UIL is a whole new season, and whenever you first start something it can be scary” but he says “after they get into the flow of things it will come easier” so we believe that our 2019 UIL cast is going to make an amazing show in all aspects both performance and from a technical standpoint.

Best of luck you guys!