Emergency Landing Near Weiss

Angel Zavala and Alexandra Garza

Taken by a resident of Carmel

On Sunday afternoon, at around 3:10, January 27, 2019, there was an emergency landing of a single-engine plane. This event occurred at the intersection of Pleasanton Parkway and Benicia Street, east of Weiss Lane. Luckily, the pilot was the only one on board receiving minor injuries but refused to get treated by officials.

The incident occurred after the pilot took off from the Austin Executive Airport. For unknown reasons, the pilot was forced to attempt an emergency landing. Attempting to land, the plane ended crashing at the middle of an intersection, taking off one of the plane’s wing. Taylor Trusty, a resident of Carmel, witness the plane crashing. “I was on my patio getting my smoker going when the plane crash. There was no sound before it hit the street,” said Trusty. “Then there was a loud scraping and a large cloud of dust extending about 100 yards along Pleasanton. It was probably 10-15 minutes before any first responders showed up.”. When Trusty look over her fence, she was astonished to see what had made the alarming noise. “At first I thought something had fallen off the back of a flatbed so it was pretty shocking when I climbed the wall and saw the plane upside down in the street!”.

Taken by a resident of Carmel

Another resident name Deidre Watson, was on her way to drop off one of her grand-kids at home when she witnesses the plane attempting to land. “I had both of my grand-kids in the car…After turning left off of Weiss Lane, I looked up and saw an airplane that was flying really low.” Said Watson. “The plane was barely above rooftop top of a 2 story home that is still under construction.”

Taken by a resident of Carmel

“Then I realized that he was attempting to land on the road. So I immediately pulled to the side of the road… And started trying to call 911” explained Watson. As she was witnessing the landing of the plane, she saw the plane losing a wing and flipping over. “His wing hit a car parked on the side of the road… It came off and flipped the plane over and made it skid until it hit the curb.” Watson and other stand-biers went towards the plane attempting to get every on board to safety. “The doors on the plane were stuck and they had to forcibly open the door” Watson explained. Luckily it was just only the pilot on board.
Later Watson learned a shocking fact, “I learned that the pilot had just taken off from the nearby airport. He had a full fuel load. He’s extremely lucky that it did not catch on fire.” The accident is still unknown why the plane needed to land, but the FAA is investigating the event. No residents were harm and the pilot is alive and well.