Things I Wished I Knew as a Freshman

Things I Wished I Knew as a Freshman


Now that I am in my junior year, I wish I knew many things in my freshman year. There were many emotions that I would experience and some of them were so unnecessary. I wished that I would actually make my freshman year one of my priorities and not joke around as much as I did.


There were a few people I interviewed for this story. ” I wished I tried harder Since my GPA is sorta based off my first year and it’s so difficult to bring my GPA up now,” said Kira Diep.

“Don’t take IPC, its a waste of time,” said William Sevilla.
” Time flys,” said Jaqueline Vargas.

                                                         5 tips for freshman’s 

1. Don’t focus on impressing others

Don’t waste your time being a follower just to try to impress others, be a leader and be yourself. Being yourself is the best way to find your true friends for liking you for being you.

2. Your grades do matter

Make sure you always stay on task with your work and turn everything on time. having good grades your freshman year is really easy for you yo have a high GPA and bring it even higher your Sophomore, Junior and Senior year.

3. Involve yourself in school activities  

It is always good to be part of something for your school, don’t think it’s not cool, you get to meet new people not just from your grade. it is always good to interact with different people, it helps you in the long run for your future.

4. No one cares what you wear

Don’t try to spend a lot on brand clothes cause no one will care or even noticed that you spent so much on something.

5. Popularity shouldn’t be your major priority

Your education always comes first, no one is popular everyone is in their own friend group.