“Hidden” Google widgets

“Hidden” Google widgets

Google Process 

When you first get on to google chrome, Safari, or just the ordinary internet for those Android users out there. through any of these sites when you first get in it takes you to the main Google websiteImage result for google homepage most people that use Google only use the search bar for standardized purposes or in other words everyday use. But what you probably didn’t know was that there are actually a lot of really cool and interesting things within the great depths of the standard looking website. For example the most recent event such as the election the place where there was normally the google icon but for the momentous  occasion instead of the word google they had the words “GoVote” put in its place but did you ever take a second to think what might happen if you clicked on the icon well no need for that is what this article is here for.  If you clicked on the icon it would send you to a page full of helpful information or fun facts about the occasion. And believe it or not but there is someone at the googles main office getting paid to do these really neat things.

I’m Feeling Lucky Widget

One of the many features on the Google is the “I’m feeling Lucky” widgets in the HomePage when you hover your mouse over the widget an emotion would then appear and when taken off and put back on the widget will change emotion depending on what your feeling once you have found the emotion of your choosing then you can click on it and then t will take you to a page that involves the emotion it costs Google a total of $110 million dollars a year and the Google Search boos there at Google has estimated a total of 1% of all Google searches go through the “I’m feeling lucky button” this helps you skip through the hassle of having to search for things in the search bar and I know you may be asking yourself “Well what if I already know what I want to search for……..What if I’m not feeling that certain way right now ” well that my friends that is the beauty of it if you just remove the clicker away and the hover over it again to change the feeling, as once said before. Or you could be like the other 99% of the population and just typing in manually in the search bar.

 Google Logo

If you hadn’t noticed every so often when there is a special occasion or a holiday that is widely celebrated the google will change their logo to go with whatever the special occasion. In the most recent events such as the voting for Senate, the Google logo was completely changed to the words “Go Vote” to help spread the word about the news of the voting day. This is one example that went above and beyond to support their country. On most special days they simply change the colors and letters to help spread awareness to those who use the search engine. Here were some of the many things and features that many widgets that you may not have known.