What 2019 Movies are Coming to Us?


Leonardo Castillo

2019 is right around the corner and what better way to enjoy the new year than with movies that we’ve been just waiting for. 2018 was a great year for the movie industry leaving cliffhangers and to be continues behind and fans just die to watch, well here’s what 2019 has got coming for us. Before we start i would like to inform you i did all the research I could to break these movies apart to understand what we’ll be expecting for them, Thank you.

How do you start of the new year, well 2019 has a new horror film coming to us, Escape Room is a new Horror/Mystery movie about 6 strangers that will get paid if they live out through the traps and solve puzzles.

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Everyone has to cooperate with each other to win the game and make it out alive there’s still isn’t a reason why people are going through this test but looking through the trailers and teasers it seems as if they’re in a virtual type of world where everything can affect them and kill them, how interesting a survival movie about puzzle solving and trying to keep each other alive. Directed by Adam Robitel the director of The insidious: The last keys, so it is sure to be a good movie. Watch in theaters January 4, 2019 Link to the trailer:

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W6yYBAUxv4

A childhood memory has come back to us, after 78 years a Disney original The live-action movie of Dumbo!

A movie directed by Tim Burton, We all love Tim Burton’s original, iconic, and extraordinary  films but who would have taught he would direct one of the most original movies from our childhood, the sad story of Dumbo being taken away from his mother as an infant has been changed up looking at the trailers and teasers Dumbos story has changed up a bit and made it more child friendly Dumbo has been found by a Dad and his two kids in a barn, Dumbo still remains a circus elephant but with a friendlier, non-cruelty story line. Watch in theaters on March 29, 2019, Watch the trailer here.

A movie Marvel fans around the world have been waiting to see, Confirmed to be more than 3 hours long, the biggest cliffhanger that people have been dying to know what happens next, Avengers 4! and the last of the Avengers movies, also one of the last of Stan”the man”Lee’s cameos, since Stan Lee the creator of marvel, spider man, black panther, and many more of your favorite superheroes has sadly passed away the morning of Monday, November the 18th  2018. May he rest in peace for all the amazing years he has given us with his cameos and great movies.

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Avengers 4 doesn’t have a title name yet but reviewing over Marvels, and The Russo brothers Instagram/Twitter The Tittle will either be “Avengers Annihilation” or “Avengers End Game”.

Avengers Infinity War was a very tragic movie for all us marvel fans and even waiting for all our heroes to come back and finish the big battle, so far there has been no trailer or teaser videos but the cast list has been up and it previews that all of the Marvel universe characters will be in this movie. Rumors have been spread that the first Avengers 4 trailer will be out in 2 weeks from now. What will this new movie feature? We’ll just have to wait for it to be. Watch in theaters on May 9, 2019

Another of our childhood movies has come back for us, after taking an 8-year break. The movie that made us think our toys come to life.

Toy Story 4 has come back to us after Andy went off to college and left his toys with Bonnie. The trailer/teaser doesn’t feature that much about the movie besides the toys dancing around in a circle, What will be the new story, a new adventure? maybe some new characters? Well, we’ll just have to see when it comes to theaters on June 21, 2019. Watch the teaser down below.

What’s been the horror movie that everyone has been waiting for, the return of the dancing clown. It: chapter 2 has come back after almost a year of leaving us behind with the losers club all gathered up together and saying their goodbyes. Well now this movie jumps 27 years later in the future with all of the members moved away, but they all recruit finally after a disturbing call. Image result for chapter 2 coming out

So far there is no trailers or teasers for this movie, But what we could expect is maybe a same story line as the original “it” part 2 (1990) when it was a mini-series on tv and mainly the whole story line is that Mike grew up to be a detective and stayed in derry when a child goes missing the same way Georgie did while finding a picture of Georgie calling Bill that “it” is back and recruiting everyone of the Losers club back except Stan Uris which commits suicide because he didn’t want to go back to derry to face “it” and the whole team gathers up to take down . the dancing clown Pennywise. So we might be expecting some similar story to this new movie.

Thank you for checking this story out, Now we’ll just have to wait for 2019 to come and watch all these amazing movies!