Midterm Elections 2018


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Alexia Perez and Abigail Ontiveros

An “I Voted” sticker on a teacher’s badge at Weiss Hs

The 2018 midterm elections just took place and all the results are in. The voting turnout was noticeably higher for this Midterm election than most other midterm elections. There was some history made with some of the officials who were elected and noticeable changes in the White House.

What Are The Midterm Elections?

“I am eternally grateful for the women that came before me, who fought for my rights. Now it’s my turn to continue the fight.” – Unknown

Midterm elections are general elections which are held in November every four years near the midpoint of a president’s four-year term in office. These elections are held so citizens have the chance to vote and elect their government representatives, they have more to do with local issues rather than presidential elections. Citizens tend to participate more in presidential elections rather than midterm elections so voting turnout tends to be lower for midterm elections. If citizens want their voice to matter and actually want change to occur in the country, these elections are the ones that they want to participate in. The government representatives which are elected are the ones actually doing the work in the government, therefore it is convenient to vote for a representative who the citizens think is the best fit. Surprisingly there aren’t a lot of people who know the impact of these midterm elections.

A student at Weiss High School states, “I didn’t really keep up with these elections until last minute until the week of voting but I wish I was keeping up with them months prior so I could try to encourage people to vote even though I’m not old enough to vote yet.” He also stated that he gets his news from Twitter so social media is a tool that can be used to keep up with news like this as an alternative to reading about them on paper or watching T.V. Social media is also easily accessible to more people.

Voting Turnout 2018

“If we truly believe in a vibrant democracy, then we must have the highest voter turnout in the world.” – Bernie Sanders

Voting turnout increased significantly for the midterm elections this year. Usually voting turnout is fairly low for midterm elections but there was heavy persuasion around to country for people to get out and vote. Since the 2016 elections, there has been a lot of citizens who disagree with President Trump’s policies and ways of running the country, so this election was a chance for those citizens to vote and bring some change into the government. A lot of citizens didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential elections and that was a big issue because those votes were wasted and now there’s is a significant amount of people who aren’t happy with our current president. One of the possible reasons why people didn’t vote in the last elections was because people thought that their votes didn’t matter or wouldn’t change anything but that isn’t true. It seems some people have learned from their mistakes and decided to get out and vote this time, this was shown through the results.

The student interviewed at Weiss stated, “Since the 2016 elections, politics have been more talked about and has gotten people more interested in things like social justice and I’m really happy about that because it encourages people to get out and vote and make their voice heard.” He feels that the 2016 elections encouraged people to vote because some people weren’t happy with the results.


“If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain.” – Unknown

Here in Texas, the race for the U.S. Senate spot between Ted Cruz (R) and Beto O’rourke (D) was very competitive and it was very close. Cruz ended up keeping his seat in the Senate but this election was a really big deal for Texas because O’rourke was very close to beating Cruz for his spot. The final results ended up being:

Cruz – 50.9%      O’Rourke – 48.3%

Voting turnout in Texas was much higher in this midterm election than it was in the 2016 presidential elections. O’rourke’s campaign focused on encouraging younger Texans to get out and vote since not many young people choose to vote all the time. Another thing is that he also encouraged people who have never voted before in their life to get out and vote which made a big difference in the elections. Although he didn’t win he did have an impact on the voting in the state of Texas.

Overall in the country, the Republican Party kept control of the Senate but the Democratic Party won control of the house which gained them a little more power. 113 won seats in this election which broke the record high of 107. 11 women won Senate seats and 9 other women won governor positions. Colorado elected the first openly gay man as governor. In Kansas, an LGBTQ Native American woman named Sharice Davids defeated republican representative, Kevin Yoder.

Importance of Voting

“If we all used our right to vote we could actually make a difference in this country.” – Student at Weiss

Voting is a right we all gain as a U.S. citizen when we turn 18. The opportunity to vote gives us a voice in the government, it gives us a chance to change what we disagree with. We are lucky because not every country gives this opportunity, therefore we should take advantage of it. If one doesn’t vote then they can’t complain about the way the country is operating.

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt