UIL Season is Here

Sophia Aleman, Editor n cheif

 UIL What is it?

Throughout the year there are opportunities for students to get involved with the school and get a great filler for their transcripts for when the time comes to go to college. With the variations from math to the arts, there is a place for you with this comes great responsibility with taking on this task although the reward is tremendously satisfying. By doing this you can receive a scholarship if you excel in the category you have signed up to be in you can also letter in doing UIL, in the statements below are examples of different categories in UIL and what they would do in a day of participating in the events.


UIL Journalism

Image result for journalismIn journalism, there are several versions and parts to it it’s not just one main category with different sections to this there are different responsibilities to accomplish just one section that you are able to join is editorial writing in this you have to write a story in under an hour with a specific topic that is given to you and turn it into the monitor that is located in a room that you work in you can turn it in for submission. You spend a week working on writing techniques and learning to achieve a professional level of writing. On the day of competition, those who are participating in the UIL events spend the day preparing their materials for the hour that is come.

UIL Theater 

the correct term used in the arts is called UIL One Act taking a script and cutting to be 45 minutes at the most people who participate in the events may not go over this time or they can be disqualified. You have an estimated 5 week to prepare for the show days with clinics in between in these you do your perfoRelated imagermance in front of a theater critic and they tell you what you need to work on to help better the performance for the day of competition. After about 3 of these clinics, you prepare for competition day.after about 5 weeks on the last week is when you prepare for your competition day, on this day the excitement is truly unreal as these weeks have made the cast and crew grow really close. Its show day and schools across Texas come to a school who hosts the competition. during the competition, you have a good number of school 8 schools for example. when it’s your turn to reform you have 10 min to get prepared and –min to preform of you went over your time you were then disqualified from the competition.

UIL Debate and Speech 

In Debate and speech just as many other UIL divisions, it has several different categories within the division there is PF in this section you have 2 people that work together and find the pro and cons of a topic pre-selected by the person and once a certain time has gone by another 2 other opponents who are then at the time told where they are pro and con and go through a grueling debate “The most difficult part is doing the research and being prepared because when your in the composition you don’t know what they are going to say or how they are going to counteract but that’s also why you have to do a lot of research” this was stated by Kevin Sanabria he is one of the participants in debate  to find the pair with the most points tallied up by the end of the discussiRelated imageon and the pair with the least amount of points most likely made some errors throughout the discussion most likely showed hesitation while speaking or lacked confidence. Another section or part to debate and speech is another called LD this has many similar qualities to PF the only difference was the number of participants its only the 1 person.




As you can see these are just 3 of the many options you have here at Weiss highschool if you are interested in more information on any other UIL events that are happening this year or from the years past please be sure to leave a comment e to let us know so we could get to work to add more to this article in the past years UIL ha Been apart of many students lives and this could be your chance to be apart of the school and as listed there are many benefits that come with joining you not only get to be a part of something but you create the culture here at Weiss and get our name out into the world.