How Costco is Changing Pflugerville

Andres Mauries

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Costco is a worldwide wholesale company that has over 750 open and operating locations with some even being in places such as Canada, Mexico, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and Spain. Costco is known for having a large supply of bulk items, they are able to continue to supply these products because of their genius business model that pushes sales above all else, Goldman Sachs believes that the company runs well on sales when he says  that as long as sales are good, “everything else will take care of itself”. This company has recently opened up a new location here right in Pflugerville, Pflugerville is a city that has a long way to go before it reaches the level of development that

Austin or Dallas is at. These cities have more people and businesses because of the planning and layout the city officials have put into it. Costco will be a good addition to the growing city that some of us call home. Costco is said to have a huge effect on the sales tax that the city takes in, to put this into perspective, Costco will generate as much sales tax as the entire Stone Hill Town Center, which includes Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, Ross, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Cinemark and over a dozen other stores and restaurants. Costco isn’t here to be a small little business, it is here to serve the entire greater Pflugerville area with some memberships even being as far as Temple and Killeen, with this in mind the builders and planners have included on this 16.13-acre plot (including the 4.08-acre store site) more than 750 parking spots with a fueling station located on the east side of the plot. Costco is designed to be a ‘one stop shop’, not only does this mean they have everything from office supplies to outdoor furniture, but this also means you never have to go to the store and then after, go to get your car serviced and then go and get a bite to eat. With Costco you can do all of these things in one trip, greatly decreasing your overall drive time and ultimately making life a little more convenient. The food court section of Costco offers filling and affordable meals that can be good for sit-downs or on the go meals, they are well known for their “$1.50 Hot dog and Soda combo” that appeals to those who are either on a budget or just looking for a quick bite to eat. Costco already has and will continue to have positive effects on the city of Pflugerville, not only helping the development of the city, and sales taxes but also with the overall newfound ease in shopping here. We have high hopes for the future of Pflugerville and how much we can grow as a community, right now Costco is going to be the best thing to boost Pflugerville into a well-developed city that people love to visit.