Can I Get a Howl Yeahhhh!!!

sophia Aleman, Editor n Cheif

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Howl week here at Wiess Highschool is a week were our wolf pack comes together to support our sports dept. with decked out attire that follows the criteria of the theme of that day of the week. This is also known as Spirit Week in some schools across America, where they come together to support their sports teams on their journey to success with some casual bumps in the road they learn to support them. Most spirit weeks follow with a Homecoming Football game where past alumni can come and visit their past schools. Since Weiss High is was just recently been established there has yet to be a senior class, therefore, there is nothing to come home to so with that being said we do Howl week for the experience till there is a time where we have our first graduated class.  In the upcoming paragraphs, you will come to notice how and what we choose for our selected days and how they went.

For Monday the first day of the week, our school chose to do a meme/character day this was the most exciting to see, as you walked the halls here at Weiss High you saw students dressed in their favorite movie/cartoon characters varying from the most famous Gorgie from IT the movie to T-bone from the classic teen hit television show icarly. Others here at Weiss High Decided to dress in their favorite internet meme.  While searching the web for memes is not that hard seeing as how they are everywhere. There were many various costumes put on by students from Cermet the Frogs “that’s none of my Business” to Roadworks Ahead sign meme people definitely tested their creativity.

“Surfs Up dude it’s Tropical Tuesday” on this day students came dressed in Hawaiin shirts or “Tourist” attire. Days before this were to take place the school sold leis to get into the school spirit many students partook in the events as the school day advanced teachers and students were dressed in bright floral outfits that showed school spirit nothing too crazy happened during tropical Tuesday.

For the infamous Humpday, the theme for this day was truly one of a kind it was opposite day people went from switching their clothes to switching their gender for the day students all over Weiss high dressed up for the occasion you had football guys dressed in dresses and some even went as far as doing their make-up and putting their hair in a wig to truly take the part. Most girls went for the sagging pants look or a frat boy look Tina Zurga a sophomore here at Weiss dressed as a country type boy wearing a camo cap and a grey sweatshirt with her hair tucked away to look as though it was a boy hairstyle she even went as far as putting on facial hair with eyebrow pencil. The majority of the school was decked out in their best opposite attire.

ThrowBack Thursday the week was almost over and the spirit has yet to die down as students arrived at the school in the era of their choosing some went above and beyond with their costumes and looks for the day. Teachers and students were participating in the themed day. Some of the eras that were worn were the 50’s,60’s etc. some students dressed as greasers and some as bikers or even sock hop the decades were endless.

For the last day of the week, we dressed in the school colors of your grade for juniors they wore crimson and for sophomores they wore black and the freshman wore grey as you enter the school you see a wide variety of these colors and getting pumped for the home game the night to go with each color during the pep rally each section would have the color and make an aesthetic look for each grade. Each grade level got the chance to decorate their shirt to show their school spirit

Howl week was a time of fun and games where you got to express your creativity. The week was full of fun and opportunities to show school spirit this allows students to show their support for their sports teams and the chance to be anyone they want.