Can Teachers Make Teaching Fun?


Leo castillo, writer

Over the years students have always had the boring experience of sitting in a classroom and daydreaming in class and not learning anything at the end of the day, Well what causes this?, Why can’t our students pay attention? is it that they don’t want to learn? Well, its because they can’t learn the way our teachers teach, students these days want to learn in a fun, creative way.

Well our students have been replying to us that one of the creative teachers in this school is our physics teacher Mrs.Gifford, Mrs. Gifford has been a teacher at Weiss since 2017, Our students said “She lets use these toys to show us the ways how aerodynamics really works we can just spin them around, we learn how the air could be measured and used, I’ve actually passed a few tests because of the way she’s been teaching us for the past months”


Moving on to our students a most creative, alternative, engaging teacher Mr.Kapa!

Mr.Kapa our Science Department Chair and Biology teacher, Mr.Kapa has been teaching at Weiss since 2017, students say the way he teaches and interacts with students to better help them understand, How do you teach students in the way they will remember it? or in a way, they’ll be able to understand? Well, our students have said exactly how they learned from Mr.Kappa.



Most students say that his lessons have really stuck with them because he would sometimes try different ways of reminding them what one thing can be referred to, to an everyday thing, “Yeah last year he always tried to make things fun for us he would make jokes here and there that would really remind me about how enzymes would work, he would make it so that I could interact with my classmates and him more I think the way he taught us was in an engaging, fun, way but yeah I think he’s an actual fun, interactive teacher and I know his future students will love the way he teaches”-Andres Mauries

So what can teachers do to make teaching fun? what can they do to help our students graduate? to help them remember they’re not just sitting in a classroom looking at a board, some slides, or a textbook? Our teachers should interact more with our students. Teachers should take part from helping students out to try to teach them fun to better understand everything they are being taught, to teach them in ways that they’ll know they can remember something. They’re so many ways our teachers could make a change for our students we all want to graduate and move forward but we have to do it the right way.