Weiss Fall Choir Concert


President of the Weiss Choral Department, Megan Martin (11) and Secretary, Jenny Emmanuel (10), speak on-stage to begin the concert.

Priscilla Le, Managing Editor

On Tuesday, October 16th, 2018, the Weiss High School choral department held their first concert of the 2018-2019 school year. The fall concert was titled, “Sisi Ni Moja”, which translates to “We Are One” in the African language of Swahili. Last year, Weiss had three choirs: Junior Varsity Treble, Junior Varsity Men’s Choir, and Varsity Treble. This year, the choral department has four choirs: Kantori (beginner choir consisting mostly of freshmen), Bel Canto (formerly Junior Varsity), Concordia (men’s choir), and Bella Voce (formerly Varsity Treble).

Director, La Tanya Bell, stated that the reason for the name change was because she didn’t “want students to feel like they’re less than because they’re not in a ‘varsity’ group”. This decision’s intended purpose was to encourage students to use their musical abilities to their full potential and promote a feeling of family within the choral department. Kantori translates to ‘passionate’ in Japanese, Bel Canto to ‘nice singing’ in Italian, Concordia to ‘harmony’ in Latin, and Bella Voce to ‘beautiful voice’ in Italian.

“Bella Voce” (Varsity Treble) Choir members, Megan Pope (9), Kelsey Nyandusi (10), and Emily Spradlin (11) pose for a picture as they wait for the concert to start.

Kantori Choir Members: Haleigh Alaniz, Savannah Amy, Claudia Barbosa, Taryn Bittick, Madeline Chambers, Cecilia Gonzalez, Hannah Hayden, Kylie Hedlund, Emily Jaimes Reyes, Quyun Le, Tia Miller, Xylie Nazworth, Jasmine Pajutan, Julissa Soria, Lamonnieya Spruell, Dakota Stojek, Britney Valenzuela, and Madison Wellard.

Bel Canto Choir Members: Baisy Alcocer, Brianne Avalos, Lilliana Back, Emily Celidon-Vicente, Lizzy Cestone, Myracle Dyson-Smith, Dezirae Faulcon, Andrea Garcia-Gonzalez, Isabella Gil, Teniya Griffin, Luz Guerrero-Pina, Silver Hernandez, Melanie Maldonado Ibarra, Selma Mancilla Ramirez, Lucero Martinez, Jordan Poch, Nia Robertson, Gisel Sanchez Gomez, Sophia Torrico, Anna Urrea-Leos, and Riley Wood.

Concordia Choir Members: Pedro Badillo Rangel, Mark Budde, Joseph Chambers, Cesar Enriquez Juarez, Django Flores, David Gonzalez, Abhishek Johnson, Joshua Lopez, Benjamin Miranda-Flores, Cuong Nguyen, Jason Polk, Caleb Ramirez, Tyson Smith, Samuel Snailum, Aaron Utley, and Brian Vipond.

Bella Voce Choir Members: Princess Ann Amante, Amira Vole, Valentina Cruz-Ramirez, Jennifer Emmanuel, Amelia Kinney, Kripa Johnson, Megan Martin, Kelsey Nyandusi, Cayla Perez, Morgan Pope, Yessica Ramirez, Devyn Ramseier, Brandy Rosas-Yepez, Emily Spradlin, Emma Whitaker, and Ellie Zekan.

President of the Weiss Choral Department, Megan Martin (11) and Secretary, Jenny Emmanuel (10), speak on-stage to begin the concert.

Small Ensemble Choir Members: Madeline Chambers, Emily Jaimes Reyes, Quyun Le, Jasmine Pajutan, Daisy Alcocer, Emily Celidon-Vincente, Isabella Gil, Silver Hernandez, Nia Robertson, Sophia Rorrico, Riley Wood, Mark Budde, David Gonzalez, Joshua Lopez, Jason Polk, Caleb Ramirez, Aaron Utley, Brian Vipond, Princess Ann Amante, Jennifer Emmanuel, Megan Martin, Kelsey Nyandusi, Cayla Perez, Morgan Pope, and Emily Spradlin.

The Weiss choral council consists of Madeline Chambers (Kantori representative), Nia Robertson (Bel Canto representative), Mark Budde (Concordia representative), Princess Ann Amante (Balla Voce representative), Jennifer Emmanuel (secretary), and Megan Martin (president).

The concert consisted of eleven songs total. The Kantori Choir performed “Dos Cancioncitas Uno: La Musica” by Estes and “O Lux Beatissima” by Burrows, the Bel Canto Choir performed “Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord” by Knowles (Sophia Torrico and Nia Robertson were soloists) and “Shenandoah” by Printz, the Concordia Choir performed “The Ceremony” by Bray and “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” by Johnson (with cellist Ameris Ramirez), the Bella Voce Choir performed “Love Is Love Is Love Is Love” by Betinis and “Et In Terra Pax” by Butler, and all of the choirs combined performed “Sisi Ni Moja” by Narverud (with drummer Nicole Stone) and the Weiss High School Alma Mater.

Choral Director: La Tanya Bell

Pianist: Paula Knight