The Current State Of The Music Industry


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With the rise of abusers and sexual harassment being more and more prevalent in today’s society the music industry seems to keep finding itself in controversy. Many big names in the music industry have been accused over the years of harassing and abusing other men and woman. This is a serious issue, it’s been hidden under the light for so long, it’s a problem when you have people in power using it wrongfully to cause harm to others. With the rise of rape culture awareness and The ‘Me Too’ Movement as well as other support groups finally, victims are comfortable enough to tell their story.

What Is Rape Culture And The ‘Me Too’ Movement?

Rape culture is a sociological problem, meaning a society who normalizes the act of sexual abuse and rape. Many of the ways sexual assault and rape are normalized are by blaming the victim, finding any sort of explanation for why the victim was “asking for it”, catcalling women, shaming women for being sexually liberated, making women feel less. It’s no surprise that all these things have gone unnoticed for so long when the basis of our society was built upon misogyny and the patriarchy. The ‘Me Too’ Movement is an organization whose goal is to help survivors of sexual assault, particularly women of color who live in low wealth communities. They work on ways to provide healthy healing for survivors and on solutions on how to interrupt sexual abuse in local communities.

The Dr. Luke Case

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One of the most known cases that have come out to light in the last decade has been Dr. Luke vs. Kesha case. Lucasz Sebastian Gottwald professionally known as Dr. Luke is an American record producer, songwriter, and singer. He’s mostly known for being one of the most influential pop producers of the 2010s and working with big names like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, etc. In 2014, Popstar, Kesha took Luke to court for an injunction, desired by the cause of Alleged Verbal, Sexual, and emotional abuse. This injunction would’ve allowed Kesha to break contracts with Luke and Luke’s record label which is under Sony’s branch. Soon after the case started Luke countersued Kesha and her mother for defamation, claiming that Kesha lied to get out of her contract with Luke. In 2017 Kesha released her first album since the allegations, while not directly working with Luke he still profited off her because she was still in a contract with his publishing company. With that being said, yes the case is still going on until this day.

After The Allegations

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After the allegations Luke did stop being prevalent in mainstream music, most artists stopped working with him after hearing the news.  Yet there is a select few that have been very open about working with Luke after the accusations. Earlier in September of 2018 Azealia Banks was confronted by a fan via Twitter for working with Luke after the accusations. The Rapper responded with many claims such as, “Dr. Luke never raped Kesha. After 5 years of legal drama… they were still unable to find him guilty. Kesha lied because she didn’t want to fulfill contractual obligations she’d already been paid to fulfill.” While these were some shocking claims Azealia’s backlash didn’t seem to have lasted more than a day. Anyone who keeps up with Azealia will tell you how she herself gets caught up in controversy every other week for sharing her strong opinions and political views on social media. 

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Someone who has received her fair share of continuous controversy is Kim Petras, she is a German singer/songwriter, she’s been dubbed by many as “the future of pop music” and has garnished a cult following. But even before her music career Kim Petras was already part of the spotlight, in 2009 Kim Petras made history for being the youngest person at the time to go through gender reassignment surgery at the early age of 16. Kim first started to receive backlash after she did an interview with NME in back in April when asked about her experiences working with Luke she responded with, “I would like my fans to know that I wouldn’t work with someone who I believe to be an abuser of women, definitely not.” Things just didn’t end there, later in June, Troye Sivan announced Petras would be joining him on his tour as an opening act. Many were infuriated and were quick to let that be known. This forced Petras to break the subject and publicly apologize on Twitter, “While I’ve been open and honest about my positive experience with Dr. Luke, that does not negate or dismiss the experience of others or suggest that multiple perspectives cannot exist at once.” Many critics were not happy with this apology saying Petras’ contradicted herself, some Troye Sivan fans went as far as to not attending the tour to show their support towards Kesha, while many others believe Petras doesn’t deserve her backlash calling out “transphobia” on anyone who tried to accuse her of being a rape apologist.

How Is It All Relevant?

With the rise of abusers and sexual assault being more and more relevant in today’s society the music industry keeps finding itself in a state of controversy. Artists and producers taken to court over rape allegations but not receiving much but a slap on the wrist. Other artists under backlash for working or even associating themselves with convicted and alleged abusers. Twitter and other social media users quick to end careers of artists who find themselves in controversy but hesitant to do the same with their own favorite artists. The big question is, what type of action are we taking towards these issues? Obviously, abuse and harassment will always be existent, it’s a horrible thing to hear but it’s a part of our human nature. But when will we stop choosing biases and equally have the same morals and ethics towards every abuse/rape case that comes into the light? What we are doing now, allowing abusers to continue to thrive, is it helping us with the betterment of our society?