Hispanic Heritage Month


sophia Aleman, editor n chief

Hispanic Heritage month is a month were people of the same culture come together to celebrate their past history and what made them who they are today. Through the month of September, we take into account the hard work that goes into being who they are. Being of a Hispanic descent or culture comes with a lot of responsibility and grit they take the past and build upon it and make a difference in the world and prove that they are there for a reason to represent their culture, Many students here at Weiss have varies backgrounds and are here to show what it means to them the people that are mentioned above are just a few of the people here at Wiess that have a Hispanic background. Fun Fact: a way you can tell your Background is

Hispanic-Is when you have decent from Spain

Mexican-When you are born in Mexico and moved elsewhere

Latino/a-when your family is from Mexico and was born here

Students here at Weiss high school

Leslie Mondragon
She is a Mexican American woman who spends her month celebrating by going to festivals like El Grito and eating her favorite dish posole with her family  and celebrating her history .she is most proud of the culture that was created by the people who share the same holidays like “Dia De Los Muertos ” this is where you celebrate past history of your family tree and Easter this most commonly celebrated by Christians Leslie and her family put their own spin on the holiday to make it their own for example they serve Traditional Mexican dishes. In most cultures they have what you can call a Hero ,these are people that stand out in their culture for being different or not going by the “Rule Book” so to speak and for this same reason  Leslie is most excited to be the role model of her culture and being a leader to show the younger generation that being a lady in the Mexican culture does not mean you have to stay at home and be a mother to their children”I want people to know that a real Hispanic woman does not just do the traditional roles like taking care of kids and other household things. Leslie states that” I believe we are much more than that I feel like since women are usually just looked at for just kids I really want to be a successful businesswoman and go to college and own my business and show my kids that being a woman of our culture docent just do housework” as just prove in the previous statement women now a days in this modern Century have the capability to accomplish anything .

Kevin Sanabria
He is a Latino,most people of the Latin cultures spend their months differently or some families like Kevins they don’t celebrate at all Kevin then stated “this was just not something I grew up doing as a kid ” one of the things that he is most proud of is his culture and what they have established throughout the year. For Example “Dia De Los Muertos”, the relationships of the people of the same culture have together. There are many places or times where you might see it most is when a person of their culture has success everyone comes together to celebrate the success of a fellow Latino or Mexican. Some of the other advantages in being Latino is “the ability to have conversations in multiple languages and the different job opportunities” Kevin stated. He and his Family love to celebrate the birth of Jesus or as most Christians would call Christmas. As more of a specific Hispanic holiday, he and his family enjoy spending their time together celebrating Dia De Los Muertos he the further stated “it’s not the celebration of death that we celebrate rather than the celebration of re-birth and those who have passed before us”

Jose Diaz
He is Salvadorian, he and his family celebrate the month through making and eating dishes from their home country, for example, a dish they enjoy the most is pupusas. His family descended from Columbia, Though Jose is Salvadorian in their culture they celebrate holidays as well he then stated “We have the same holidays as Latin Americans or Mexicans” His favorite holiday is Christmas he loves to get together with his family and enjoy quality time together.

The people that were mentioned above have a completely different way of celebrating the occasion or like some families who don’t celebrate. For both of these individuals who take great pride in what they are apart of there are so many different cultures in our city alone that won’t go unheard. There are so many different cultures and religions here at Weiss and this is the month of celebration.