Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Alexia Perez, Fine Arts Staff

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What’s it all about?

September is Suicide Prevention month in the United States and it includes a Suicide Prevention Week, this year it was from September 9th, 2018 to September 15th, 2018 and also a Suicide Prevention Day which is on September 10th. Suicide Prevention Week has been around since 1975, Suicide Prevention month is used as a month to raise awareness and bring attention to suicide. During this month health professionals try to educate the general public about different ways to prevent suicide and the warning signs of suicide. Suicide is a heavy topic but it is important to talk about it because the general public should be educated on topics like suicide.


Suicide has become a very big problem in the United States, about 44,000 people die each year in the United States due to suicide, it is also the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. This is why Suicide Prevention Month is important, we need to bring attention to issues like this. Suicide death rates have been growing and this is an indicator that we have to do something about it, the problem is not going to get better if we constantly ignore it just because it’s a darker and complicated subject.

Reaching Out

Seeking help when you feel that you need it is very important, it can potentially be life-saving. If you know someone who is at risk of committing suicide it’s also a good idea to report it to someone because it could save that person’s life. There are many people who can help you and there are also resources you can use to gain education and that you can use for your benefit. Talking to a counselor at school is one option, they can provide you with resources and just talking to someone, in general, has the potential to make you feel better. Don’t isolate yourself from people, there is someone willing to help you. Talking to a friend can also be helpful, sometimes just venting to someone gives you a feeling of relief and even though whatever you are going through might not be solved it’s a good start. There is also a Suicide Hotline you can access to talk to someone about anything that is bothering you, you can either call or chat with them. It is a great resource if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone in person. Here at Weiss, there were 2 mental health forums that took place, it was a great opportunity where you could talk about mental health or ask questions if you had them. These are just a few of the resources which are available.

Suicide is a serious matter, it should be talked about and we need to do better to handle the growing suicide rates and make sure they don’t continue to grow. September is a month to remember all of the people we have lost to suicide and to raise awareness about suicide so we do not lose any more people.