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Back To The 30’s (Annie the Musical)

Sophia Aleman

Back To The 30’s (Annie the Musical)

September 21, 2018


On September 10th, Weiss High School officially had it’s auditions for the annual musical. This year’s choice was handpicked, by our two directors Mr. Malone and Ms. Perry, Annie. Auditions took place after school in the Performing Arts Center, students were given a quick snippet of a song, based on their vocal range. To be considered for a lead role, students performed the song on their own, otherwise they performed in small groups. From there the directors were left with endless choices of who to cast and who would fit which character the best. Students who the directors thought could demonstrate a little bit more were selected for call backs. We got a chance to interview some of the students who were selected for call backs

How do you feel about being on the call back list?

“I feel very honored, at my audition I feel like I could’ve done more but I tried my best…  so I’m happy I got called back so i can show them more, and I’m ready to show them i can do a lot more than what I did at my audition” – Erica Cortina


What made you audition for the musical?

“I love musicals, I love being in plays, and being apart of something cause you get to look back and say… ‘oh that was a nice memory’, all those cool little inside jokes” – Sophia Terrico


What do you think you can add into the show?

“Honestly like… the best thing that I do or I try to do is bring a positive attitude and try to cheer everyone up cause it’s hard to do this for a long time”. – Dwayne Sasa


Have you been in any previous Weiss High School productions before?

“Yes I’ve been apart of all the previous Weiss productions before”. Jett Hebert

About Annie

Annie is the widespread phenominom about the charismatic little orphan girl everybody loves, created by the famous playwright Thomas Meehan, creator of other wide known musicals such as Hairspray, Elf, and The Producers. Aside from being widely known Annie has also been nominated and awarded with countless awards such as the Tony’s, The Drama Desk Awards, and The Grammy’s. Annie takes place back in the 30’s during The Great Depression in a orphanage run by mean Miss Hannigan, Annie’s life is completely changed when she is selected to live with rich man Oliver Warbucks and he promises to find her parents who Annie believes are still alive.

Why you should come

Annie is the second ever musical to be produced in Weiss High School, with the growth of the Weiss Theatre Department Annie is guaranteed to show promising growth from Weiss’ previous production Once Upon A Matress. With their love for theatre the cast will work long hours and put in their blood, sweat, and tears into making this the best performance and the highest quality show this school has ever seen. The Weiss High School production of Annie will premiere in the school’s Performing Arts Center on December 13 through December 15 with a special double performance on the 15th.



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