New Physics Classes at Weiss!

Kevin Sanabria and Kira Diep

This year, Weiss High School has their first ever physics class. Teachers, Mr. Anderson, and Mrs. Gifford have worked very hard to design their curriculum and are very excited to develop amazing ideas for the upcoming years. Classes include a combination of lab work, computer simulations, video analysis, and good old-fashioned paper-and-pencil problems to learn about the interactions between matter and energy. Every nine weeks, a major project is assigned to students; this nine weeks, students are doing a catapult project. Mr. Anderson stated, “Physics has been taught for years and years, it’s a fun and easy class. Math might be hard, but we all make our ways”.

Teaching Strategies 

Mr. Anderson’s teaching strategy includes making his students feel more involved, as it aids in having them become more active in the classroom. Mrs. Gifford’s teaching strategies introduce many concepts with a hands-on discovery activity or lab, then have students use those results to make educated guesses as to what they are observing. She tries not to answer student questions directly, but ask them other questions so they can formulate their own answers using critical thinking.


Physics is a very lab based-class. On a regular basis, the class consists of performing labs to test specific subjects.

Using everyday objects to study motion, forces, collisions, light, and sound. Most classes will do a hands-on project every quarter (Students will be building catapults as a part of their study of projectile motion in a few weeks!!!)




Teacher’s Love For Physics 

Physics is just science, no politics no religion no race, just pure science anyone can be successful in this if they pay attention in class. but its universal it’s the same as in Korean as it is in Chile, the same ever were in the world. Everyone has the equal ability to use it in the world.” said Mr. Anderson.

Ms.Gifford stated, “I love Physics because a lot of students think it is going to be really, really hard, then when they get into it, they find that it can be hard, but it’s also really, really fun!  We get to play with all kinds of cool toys, and still call it ‘school work’!”.