Teacher Spotlight: William Anderson

Priscilla Le and Kira Diep

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Mr. William Anderson is an IPC science teacher and coach of the varsity soccer team here at Weiss High School. When asked about his experiences working with students this age (ninth and tenth graders), he said that he enjoys how enthusiastic the atmosphere is. In both teaching and coaching, he makes sure to motivate young pupils to work together to achieve their goals.

He measures of the performance of his athletes by many factors including, game wins and character development. Having coaching/teaching for twenty-four years, Coach Anderson has kept in contact with some of his former athletes/students says that he has seen young men become fathers as well as see them learn from their pasts in life. Coach Anderson also stated that he considers each of his athletes unique and that he always remembers that different players come from different backgrounds.

When asked if there is a big difference when he is teaching versus when he’s coaching, Coach Anderson said that as a teacher, he must educate all of his students, weak or strong, but while coaching, he simply chooses passing and strong players for the team while helping failing or weak players improve.

One of the questions asked during Coach Anderson’s interview was what he he considers the difference between a good and a great teacher/coach. His answer was that a great teacher is an educator who has professional, understanding relationships with their students and watches them access as they grow through peers and/or other teachers.

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